Brass Door Viewers

Since 1970 Accent Builders Hardware has manufactured optical lenses – specializing in door viewers. Our New York office houses a brilliant collection of door viewers in 4 viewing angles : 160, 180, 190 and 200 degrees. All brass door viewers featured in our Gold Collection come with 2 lens types: Acrylic Lenses or Glass, UL-Rated, Fireproof Lenses. With our experience, we know that our great low prices are in the best interests of builders, contractors and locksmiths alike that can utilize our collection’s timeless products that will last for years to come.

Our UL-Rated Glass Lenses are UL-Certified with a label for contractors, builders and home owners seeking to keep their projects up to building codes – especially in states such as California where strict building codes apply for fireproof safety. To view details about your state’s building code restrictions and standard please visit your local building code advisory department.

Contractor’s Note: Our viewers come in pre-packed boxes with 25 units. It is easier to round up to 25 (or the nearest 5) for shipping.

160 Degree Discrete Door Viewers

Our 160 Degree Brass Door Viewers come in 4 brilliant finishes : Bright Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome. These door viewers have a 12mm barrel diameter and a 160 degree viewing angle to add discrete security to your exterior doors. This viewer, although small, is equipped to fit both metal or steel and wooden standard sized doors.
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190 Degree Wide Angle Viewers

Our 190 Degree Brass Door Viewer is perfect for those who like the discrete 12mm sized barrel of the 160 Degree Viewer, with a wider viewing angle. Ultimately it provides the best of both worlds for customers who may want to upgrade from a 160 Degree Viewer!
This classic door viewer comes in our standard finishes with the option of Acrylic and UL-Rated Fireproof Glass Lenses.
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200 Degree Classic Styled Door Viewers

Our 200 Degree Door Viewers are our customers all-time favorite product! This classic styled door viewer is equipped with the widest viewing angle and a 14mm barrel diameter. The wider viewing angle and larger barrel size lets you securely see a larger depth of field. This product is also available in our four classic finishes and in Satin Nickel and Antique Brass for special orders over 200 units.
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UL-Rated, Jumbo Sized Door Viewers

Our 180 Degree Jumbo Door Viewers are perfect for large and XL doors! With a wide viewing angle of 180 Degrees and a large scope to see a larger depth of field, 20mm in diameter barrel, our contractors & locksmiths love this product for large commercial doors! These door viewers only come with UL-Rated, Fireproof Lenses. Special order finishes for these door viewers include Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. (Please contact us for pricing and availability.*)

Door Viewer Accessories

Our door viewer accessories include Door Viewer Extenders and Door Viewer Covers or Closers for 12mm and 14mm diameter barrels. Available finishes are Bright Brass and Polished Chrome, but also include Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Chrome and Satin Nickel. Please contact us about availability regarding our other finishes on hand and alternative sizing (ie. 16mm).

Our 12mm size are to pair with our 160 & 190 Degree Viewers. Our 14mm size is to pair with our 200 Degree Viewer.